Body Fantasies Perfume Body Spray


I remember when I was in my teens, most girls had body spray either by Charlie or Impulse (am I bringing back some childhood memories?!).  It was the must have beauty item when you was young, maybe not so now with teenagers today!

Whilst there was a wild range of scents to choose from, I remembered they never lasted long when you used them.  Then I started growing up and started using perfume, and body sprays became a thing of the past.

Then along came body perfume sprays, which in my opinion lasts a lot longer than body sprays.  My first encounter of body perfume sprays were by Victoria Secret. I’m sure majority of girls had a bottle of Love Spell stashed in their bag!  But unlike many American brands, it wasn’t available in the UK, and when VS launched in the UK, these sprays were expensive – £10 a pop!  My budget brain came on and my first reaction was *must find a cheaper alternative*, and boy a much cheaper alternative became available in the UK.

You may have seen a lot of press/reviews about this product from other beauty bloggers. But I present to you… Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays


Body Fantasies Perfume Body Spray

I hate to admit it, but the first time I heard of Body Fantasies, was when I saw the beauty reviews for this product, from several bloggers that I follow.  How on earth have I gone three trips to NYC without knowing such a brand existed?!  It really does alarm me!

But anyway, we all have to thank Superdrug for bringing this product to the UK soil. At the moment there are only four fragrances available, but I’m very sure more will be available over time!

I was kindly sent two bottles of the Body Fantasies Perfume Body Spray* to test and boy I am impressed!  Firstly the bottles are so slim line and travel friendly, when compared to Victoria Secret, where the bottles are a lot bigger and round.  Secondly as you can see in the photos, you’ll get over 500 sprays in a 94ml bottle!  I’ve yet to test this theory, anyone that has, please let me know if it really lives up to its claims!

So what did they smell like – I hear you asking!  Well here is the low down:

Body Fantasies Fragrance Body Spray in Japanese Cherry Blossom* | I’m a sucker for any hand and/or body products with Cherry Blossom scent.  It makes everything smell so good!  This scent is filled with fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and seductive amber leaving a feminine floral but not over empowering scent on you. 


Body Fantasies Fragrance Body Spray in Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy* | I’m not one for vanilla flavoured products, they are a bit sickly for my nose and for my liking.  However this scent by Body Fantasies is just perfect. The scent is not powering at all.  Juicy peach and berries are the top notes, mixed in with soft florals, woods and musk as base notes to create this feminine fruity scent.


In total there are four scents to choose and try from in the UK.  The other two in the range which I haven’t tried are Pink Grapefruit Fantasy and Twilight Mist.  I’m confident that over time, more scents will be launched!  At £3.99 you certainly cannot go wrong with these Body Fantasies Body Spray!  These are perfect as on-the-go fragrance to pop into your handbag or gym bag, to freshen up whenever you need to!

Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays can be purchased in store and online from Superdrug.  The sprays are currently on offer for £1.98!  I think I’m going to purchase Pink Grapefruit and Twilight Mist!

Have you used Body Fantasies products before?  What are your thoughts on these Perfume Body Sprays?



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