#FACETheDay with Balance Me

Last month I got sent a lovely beauty package from Balance Me, which was totally amazing as it’s the first time I’ve worked with the brand.  I’ve seen a lot of their products on other beauty blogs but never got a chance to use them.

After visiting the brand at The Glamour Beauty Festival, and receiving a small sample of the Congested Skin Serum.  I was hooked, this serum is amazing.  For those suffering with acne prone skin, this is the serum you need to invest in!

So when I opened this package, I was super excited. As part of the #FACETheDay momentum, Balance Me has put together a wonderful package that helps me #FACETheDay, because after all who likes early mornings?!


Alongside all the wonder guilt free treats and snacks (which I happily munched away on). Two new skincare products were included inside this box.

Instant Lift Pore Minimiser (£22.00)* | Pores and lines, just a couple of skincare issues we worry about as we get older.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had the ability to freeze our skin at a certain age, so it always remain like that?  For me I’ll freeze it at the time before I started getting acne. But hey ho, such is life and it’s a wishful thinking.

The Instant Lift Pore Minimiser is developed to minimise fine lines and visible or clogged pores.  Sounds great right?  Housed with ingredients such as Acacia Gum will help to instantly tighten and the appearance of large pores by refining and lifting the skin’s surface.
Acemlla Oleracea Extract relaxes the muscle contractions that aids to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles – means only one thing?! Preventing future signs of ageing! Hyaluronic acid – I think most people will know the benefit of this skincare ingredient.  This ingredient instantly smooths and refined the skin’s texture, giving the skin a smoother and firmer finish. 

This product can also be used as a makeup base, which is great for those that are worried about enlarged pores and fine lines.  Those suffering with acne prone skin (like me), fear not. It doesn’t cause a breakout! *hallelujah* 


Tinted Wonder Eye Cream (£20.00)* | So being Asian, about 90% of the time, most tinted products are suitable for our complexion.  From personal experience most tinted products had a yellowy colour base. 

The Tinted Wonder Eye Cream, is a natural anti aging eye cream that combines colour coverage with enhancing skincare benefits.  Perfect for those that suffer from dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.
Luckily for me I don’t suffer from any of those *touches A LOT of wood*.  But the product is also great as a eye makeup base as it helps to brighten the eye are.

Like the Instant Pore Minimiser, this product is packed with several skincare ingredients such as, Cucumber Seed Oil, which cools, calms and moisturises the skin to help reduce the puffiness and brightens the skin tone.
Rosehip Oil, this is a powerful skin antioxidant that encourages cell growth and renewal to the skin.
Arctic Cloudberry Seed Extract, which is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, this creates a barrier for the skin, protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Thank you Balance Me for sending me such a wonderful package, off to snoop on your website to see what other products I should buy and try!

Balance Me products can be purchased via Balanceme.com and many other retailers.

What are your thoughts on these two products?  Have you tried Balance Me products before?



3 responses to “#FACETheDay with Balance Me

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