Farfetch Blogger’s Breakfast @ Boundary

When I received an email from Lee from Farfetch inviting me to a Bloggers Breakfast, I did a double take. Surely they have the wrong person, it can’t of been me?  But no, it definitely was me.

I’ve worked with Farfetch before mainly on their produced content during fashion week, but never in a million years I thought I’ll be attending a bloggers event related to fashion! If you haven’t heard about Farfetch, where have you been?! 
Farfetch is an online marketplace that brings together the best independent boutiques around the world, offering customers a vast selection of unique designer pieces curated by some of the most renowned buyers in the fashion industry all under one website.
Each boutique has a distinctive style and the site features everything from designers to big-name brands and luxe labels. Farfetch is the place to shop for pieces that you won’t find anywhere else online.

I was invited along with several other wonderful bloggers that I’ve never met for a intimate breakfast at Boundary, in Shoreditch.  I’ve been to Boundary before for dinner, and the food was so good (albeit expensive), so was really excited to try their breakfast.


The breakfast took place on the rooftop at Boundary and true to British weather that day wasn’t filled with beautiful sunshine weather, but more windy, grey and rain. But hey, that’s UK for you.

Whilst the food was good, (there are areas of improvement – but that’s not what this post is about!), but fear not the company  of being surrounded by bloggers and Farfetch definitely made up for it.  It was so nice to meet Lee and Laurren from Farfetch, to hear about the brand, the vision and where they are heading to.  Also how they want to work with bloggers in the future and wanted our opinions how it could all work (sounds fab right?!). 
But it was also great meeting other like minded bloggers.  I always worry when I go to fashion events, that I would stand out like a sore thumb, but this event I felt I blended in (haha, if that’s the correct way to describe it) really well, we all talked about why we started blogging, how we fit it into our working lives and what we blog about. 

Once brunch was over, we was gifted with a lovely goody bag, filled with some beautiful things!

Big thank you to Lee and Farfetch from inviting me to this wonderful event. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company, and hopefully get to see/work with you soon!
Have you shopped at Farfetch before?

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