3ina. The New Beauty Kid On The Block

3ina LogoThere is new beauty kid on the block.  Well it’s not really new now, since it’s been out on the market for a few months.  Anyway if you haven’t heard of 3ina Cosmetics (pronounced as Mina), then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding!

When I first saw 3ina Cosmetics – which by the way was walking past the store (still in its building process) and I was thinking “hmm, what is this store?!” I thought this was a new beauty brand from Korea.  The packaging, name (sterotyping here) made me think this brand was from Korea, as it holds a resemblance to the brand “3CE”.  Alas it’s not a brand from Korea, but rather a beauty brand from Spain, who are looking to expand globally.  Which they have done so far, opening a store in London at Covent Garden and a store in Athens, Greece. *They’ve since opened other stores across the world.*

Being someone who loves makeup, I had to make a visit to the store! Stepping foot into the store, the store concept is very similar to Kiko Cosmetics, where all the products are displayed on a display counter either side of the store and spilt into the different categories (if that makes sense!)

However if I had to choose then I would say, I like 3ina store more, as it’s a lot brighter and it feels like there is more space to move around.
Honestly I was like a little child in the candy shop, only this time it wasn’t candy but it was makeup!  When I saw Instagram pictures of the launch event of 3ina, I was immediately drawn to their lipsticks selection. 


There was just so many different shades and formulas to choose from.  You almost want one of each!  But in the end I decided to be good and purchased four items.


I’ve been experimenting more with my makeup choices, using eye shadow (on the rare occasion) and steering away from red lipsticks – I mean a girl can never have too many red lipsticks, but it’s nice to branch out and try other colours.

The Pencil Eye Shadow in shade 106, this eyeshadow pencil is so easy to use and glides like a dream over the eyelids.  The pencil is perfect for people like me who haven’t mastered using powders and blending (as that needs a degree itself!).  Once applied, the eyeshadow, doesn’t budge, and lasts all day with no colour transfer.  


The Pencil Eye Shadow in shade 106

Now steering clear from my usual red lipstick.  The Lipstick in shade 118, is a more raspberry red shade and at £4.95 you really can’t complain!  The bullet to the lipstick is not your usual bullet lipsticks, however the lipstick is still easy to apply.  The creamy texture glides on perfectly and the lipstick lasts for about 3-4 hours before the need for re-applying.



From L to R: The Lipstick Liner in shade 503, Matte Lipstick in shade 403 and The Lipstick in shade 118

The Matte Lipstick in shade 403, this shade of colour is definitely not something, I will usually get.  But after giving this a swatch in the store, I was drawn to this mauve shade.  I always worry about matte lipstick, that it would feel too drying on my lips and make my lips feel parched, but fear not this lipstick does not feel drying at all.
The lipstick is easy to apply, and the colour pay is great even with just one swipe!  The colour lasts for about 5-6 hours, before a need to reapply. 

To match the lipstick, I also brought The Lipstick Liner in shade 503.  This liner is a perfect match for The Matte Lipstick, and like the lipstick itself the liner is easy to apply and makes a great base for the lipstick.

Overall, I’m very happy with my Mina purchases and every time I walk past the store I always have to make sure I’m only going in to browse and not to buy – it is hard to resist, but sometimes you just have to!

Have you tried any Mina products before?  What do you think of my purchases?




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