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So I’m back with a Pink Parcel box review, just made it in time to review July’s box.  It’s been a while since I wrote a review, things have been hectic with my work life and I kinda lost my blogging mojo.  However I’ve seem to found it, so will bring you all more reviews onto the blog!

The lovely people from Pink Parcel made some changes with their subscription from June onwards.  They got rid of ‘for down there’ box, which I’m a little bummed about as I liked receiving products for the intimate area.  But I guess not everyone did.  They also reduced the number of sanitary towels/tampons included in the box (2 less pads and liners).  Again, I didn’t have problem with the generous pads they sent!  Since subscribing to Pink Parcel, I haven’t needed to buy anymore sanitary towels.

However by getting rid of the ‘for down there’ box, they have upped the size of the ‘for you’ box, which means for treats for us!  Some of the treats may even be full size, BUT the best news is they reduced the price of the box.  I mean the original price of £12.95 was already good, but now you can subscribe to Pink Parcel for only £10.50!  It’s like WHAT WHEN WHY HOW WHO.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for your period.  The box consists of all the feminine hygiene products you need, and to help lift your mood and brighten up the days during your monthly cycle, they will also pop in some lovely beauty and lifestyle treats.

You also get to choose the type of feminine hygiene products you want (towels or tampons and also the brand too (Tampax, Lil-Lets, Kotex or Always).  With three dispatch dates to choose from, rest assured the box will arrive a few days before your period, so Pink Parcel really does make sure all bases are covered!

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This month’s Pink Parcel box, I got the following products:

Always Infinity Towels | I was super chuffed when I saw on the website that the Always Infinity Towels were an option, as they are my favourite period towels to use!  I was even more chuffed in the quantity of towels, I received.  I thought to myself, ‘honestly’, I wouldn’t need to buy any more towels now!’  You get some towels to use for now, which is stored in a drawstring bag, towels for later and towels for bedtime!  I’ll think I will be switching up my towels with the Normal Plus and Long Plus ones, each month!

Fab Little Bag Tampon Disposal Bag (£1.99) | Even though I’m not a tampon user, I will be using this bag to dispose my period liners instead.  But for those that are tampon users, this disposal bags are genius!  Designed so you can open and close the bag with one had, these bags disguise odours, saves embarrassment and most importantly they are environmental friendly!

Freeman Bare Foot Lotion in Lavender & Mint (£1.50 for 15ml sachet) | I’ll be honest I take more care of my face and hands, and often leave my body neglected.  But as Pink Parcel is an all rounder beauty box, so all bases are covered.  This Lavender and Mint aroma-therapeutic foot cream contains Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil which helps to restore moisture, softness and heals dry and cracked skin.  


The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Slanted Tweezers (£8.00) | Aren’t these tweezers pretty?  I mean, who doesn’t love rose gold products.  I’m forever trying to find cute rose gold home decor items.  These tweezers were an exclusive to Pink Parcel subscribers, as we got to try these tweezers before they went on sale to the public. #VIPLife indeed. Whilst these tweezers are nice to look at, I wasn’t overly impressed with them.  They are a bit clunky, and precision tweezing wasn’t the best.  I found it didn’t grab the really small hairs I have.  Nothing will compare to the my trust worthy Elite Models Gold Angled Tweezers, they are the best!

Lottie London Nail Polish in Blogger Babe (£5.99) | In June box which I didn’t review, Pink Parcel subscribers received a Lottie London makeup brush and for this month we was treated with nail polish.  I received the shade ‘Blogger Babe’ which I would describe as a nude/mauve shade, compared to your typical nude shade.  I like the shade as amongst the nail polishes I own, I do not have a colour like this in my collection.  I’ll be rocking this colour on my toes this summer.

Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony (£11.20) | Gel eyeliner in a pencil format, well this is interesting.  Since when someone mentions gel eyeliner, I usually visualise it in a pot.  Gotta get with the times I guess.  I haven’t used Bellapierre products before, so definitely excited to try this product.  The eyeliner is formulated with 100% pure minerals, natural waxes and antioxidant, making the product hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.  Ebony is a jet black shade colour and gliding on smoothly to create any look you want, be it smokey, dramatic or natural!

Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow (£17.95) | Another brand that I haven’t used before, so eagerly excited to try this out.  I’ve been experimenting more with my makeup, using the odd eyeshadow every now and again.  But I still haven’t branch out in using eyeshadow in powder format, so definitely need to practice practice.
This eyeshadow duo, is perfect to wear on a night out with your bessies.  The super intense pigmented cream-powder formulation allows extreme long wear.  Goes on smooth and leaves zero flaking.  Contains no nasties, in the form of Mineral Oil, Paragons and Phthalates.  This eyeshadow is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and safe to for contact wearers to use.  Also how awesome is the flamingo packaging?!


Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream in Strawberry Cupcake (£3.99) | I love hand creams, I have a stash of hand creams that would last me for a good couple of years, so it never hurts to add another one to the stash!  This hand cream contains shea butter and glycerine which helps to moisture the skin leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth!  There are a wide range of scents to choose from, including Cherry Pie, Lemon Bonbon, Orange Crush and many more…I just have to make sure I’m not tempted to eat my hands!

La Via Del Te Tisana Sweet Relax (€7.20 for 12 tea bags) | How fancy is the name of this tea?  Even fancier that its stocked in Harrods!  The Sweet Relax is made up of selected herbs known for its relaxing properties, so perfect to unwind and let go of all the day to day stress you suffer.

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Biscuits (£1.50 for 129G) | Who doesn’t love a good biscuit, I especially love ones where the biscuits are covered in chocolate, just like these biscuits we got in our box this month!  Whilst my intake on biscuits is no way as high as it once (cue acne, looking after myself, healthy eating situation), I do like to treat myself every now and again.  These biscuits were definitely a good treat this month!


Overall, what a fab July box.  For £10.50, this is one of the best beauty boxes out on the market.  I love how you get beauty, lifestyle and food treats and some of the beauty items are worth more than the box itself!  So if you’re not a subscriber to Pink Parcel, then you’re sure missing out!

Your first Pink Parcel box, costs £6.99 and thereafter £10.50 (including postage) each month.  You can subscribe to Pink Parcel here

Are you a Pink Parcel subscriber?  What are your thoughts on this month’s box?



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