A New Chapter

In 2013, I decided to launch a blog detailing my battle with acne and all things beauty related under the name ‘Fashion Beauty Acne’.  So not catchy.  It was basically a name I just made up based on what I was passionate about – well definitely not passionate about acne.  I rather not have it.  But that is a story for another day.

Anyway fast forward 4 years later, I had enough of the name.  It was a mouthful to say, didn’t reflect on me as a person and I did find myself at times embarrassed to tell people the name of my blog.

In the summer I gave blogging a pause, because working full time and trying to balance my social life, something have to give and unfortunately it was blogging.  Also I didn’t know what I wanted to write about anymore.  I lost that blogging spirit.  Lets be clear that I have enough beauty products that would give me a year or two worth of blogging content, but who would want to read beauty reviews after another.  But last month (which was so 2016!), I decided 2017 marks a new chapter for my blog, and I want to work hard at it and produce better content that is worthy of your time to read.  So with a new name, I present to you Hey Jules B.  

I’ll still be writing about acne (I still have it!), and beauty products (like I said, I have enough to review for a year or two!).  But I would also be writing topics about food (who doesn’t love food?), travel (who doesn’t want to explore the world?) and general lifestyle posts too!  Just because, we shouldn’t confine ourselves to just one topic, right?

I hope you all like my new blog name and thank you to everyone that has supported my blog these last 4 years!  Here is to a new chapter…



4 responses to “A New Chapter

  1. Yay! Love it Lulu, so excited to see what you have in store. Let me know if you want a recipe or two! ❤️

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