The majority of the products that are featured on this blog have been brought by myself with my hard earned pennies.  However, if I am lucky to have been sent products by brands/PR companies to be tested and reviewed, such products and posts will be marked with an asterix (*). Regardless if I brought the item or if it was gifted to me, all opinions given are my own and are 100% honest and unbiased.

Please note sometimes the asterix (*) may mean something else. If this is the case, it would be referred in the blog post.

All links used in my blog posts are not affiliate links.  However if a link used in a blog post is an affiliate link, this will be clearly marked in the blog post.


My skin type is: oily/acne prone, dehydrated and sensitive.

Everyone’s skin is different, so I cannot guarantee that all of the beauty/skincare products that I recommend will suit you. The ones that I recommend or have mentioned are products that I have tried on myself and have suited my skin.

I am not responsible for any allergic reaction you may suffer from the products I have mentioned, so please test products first before using them.


For most beauty products (skincare, makeup or beauty gadgets/devices).  I will test the product for at least one month before I write my review, or I will test the product for however long the brand claims it needs to be used to see any results.  If necessary, I will write a halfway post documenting my experience.

For other products that do not need to be tested on a 4 week period (my own judgement).  I will test the product either for a week if it needs to be or 2-3 wears (depending on the product) before writing my review.


Most of the images published on this blog is taken by myself, using either iPhone 7 Plus or the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 with a 14-42mm lens.  If you wish to use any of my photos from this blog, please contact me via email: heyjulesb@icloud.com.

For all other images used that are not taken by myself, I will credit back to the image source or author(s).  However if you see any images that needs to be removed or where the credit is not correct, please contact me via email: heyjulesb@icloud.comand I will resolve this matter ASAP.


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